October 7, 2014

Clean Slate - A Place For You To Rant Through Me

Not that anyone cares but if you notice the archive got significantly smaller is becuse it did. Purged everything up to the most recent of this year. This blog has been around for almost 5 years with various level of attention placed in it. My cynical side of the 3rd personality want to be released and I'm going to take it up a notch.


Joe Nobody will become a guest post site. I invite anyone to submit a story, Joe style, no holds barred, free and clear and you may post as Joe Nobody. Anything you want, I will come up with the rules later but no names or personal info, keep it legal and I will be deciding what gets posted...just stories and an occasional picture to accompany it. I will post it, with my thoughts on it of course.

Try it out. Anything and everything.

Oh and if I get any ads or marketing submissions and I know I will, I reserve the full right to trash the shit out of your crap products and/or services.

We are nobody.

This has been another Nobody movement.
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Ebola Is Coming, Time To Seperate The Infected

Ebola, heard of it? It's coming and even though I don't think this is the one that will initiate nature's population control this disease is going to fuck up a bunch of people.

Ebola has gotten out and into mainstream society. It's out there, beyond the deep jungles of Africa. No more are the monkies and their lovers the ones that get to experience the bloddy hell that is this shit pile of a virus. No. Some fucktard let another infected fucktard out of their sight and that fucktard infected other fucktards. Pretty soon we have ourselves a nice little scary outbreak.

This isn't like a flu where babies, the elderly and those with respiratory problems are the high risk group here. Ebola has a 60-80% mortality rate, meaning you have an 80% chance of dying if you get it. If you're lucky. Even if you do survive you will be bleeding from every pore, your eyesm, anus, pee hole, everywhere. Blood oozing out of you in blisters the size of baseballs all over your body. I dare not post pictures of what this does to you because they are that fucked up. You can go look for yourself, get educated for once instead of relying on my for your once a month post on world issues.

Ebola is just the first test. The thing we have going for us is that you need to come in contact with the bloody juices of an infected person. That alone makes this more fucked up... people are coming in contact with these miserable melting blood pools? WTF!?!? Pray to all Gods every known to man this virus doesn't decide to evolve and become airborne.

One place ride away from the end of the world. Ever see 12 monkeys, Contagion or the end of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes? You can across the world in 24 hours. Boom, done.

We humans think we are king shit. A small organism a millionth our size would disagree. The Earth would disagree. Out fragile shell get taken down by the Common Cold which still has no cure. Shit, we can't even travel to Mexico without pissing out of our pants from adjusting to the bacteria... and we want to travel to other planets? Buy stock in Tums and Pepto Bismol.

However, those won't help you when your ears drip blood.

In the middle of the United States there's very litte we can do other than watch the world governments and 'health' organizations fuck this up. Just sit back and watch.

Also, use some purell after shaking hands with anyone freshly arrived from Africa just to be safe. In fact the entire country should put a law in place that on one can touch anyone from Africa and if they do the African would be arrested and isolated. We should go as far as build seperate bathrooms and drinking fountains to have the maximum protection from any infection from spreading. Different classrooms? Even schools if it came down to that. Ebola isoalation initiative. EII.

I'll propose this to my congressman.... sad thing is they would probably accept it and think it's a good idea where all the old, vetran senators from the south you say, 'Yeah, we tried that before, didn't turn out too good I reckon'.'

Out of
Labias and

This has been another Nobody movement.
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September 16, 2014

Joe Speaks Up About The NFL, Ray Rice and AP

 Time for Joe to come out of his self-imposed sexual torture dungeon to talk about the NFL. Specifically the latest embarrassments to the NFL brand which are Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Now these aren't isolated incidents, there are other players who are in just as much trouble as Rice and Peterson but no one cares about their domestic abuse, rape accusations or guilty convictions... they don't put butts in the seats. I come back to that in a bit.

Let's start with Ray Rice. Tough guy. Coward. Piece of shit. Woman beater.

Look Ma', this is the muscle I used to knock out a far weaker woman
Ray Rice, former Baltimore Raven running back, knocked his then fiance the fuck out because she probably dissrespted him. She spit in his face, they went into an elevator and he took his NFL conditioned frame and laid her out.

There's nothing more you can say about it. Wait, yes there is.
Fuck him. Fuck the prosecutors for not throwing this immature, millionaire in jail for 1st degree assault. Fuck Roger Goodell for fucking up his handling of it which will probably lead Ray Rice to win an appeal and get re-instated next year. He should be banned from the NFL, fired, never allowed to play again. If he gets reinstated I hope that no team will touch him, black list him, turn their backs. But they won't...
Next up is Adrian Peterson and his indictment for abusing his 4 year old. Let me jump right into it, STOP PLAYING THE BLACK SOUTH CULTURE CARD!!! STOP IT!!! No one give a flying fuck how your Civil Rights era grandmother whipped you, you don't do that now! If Adrian didn't know this then HE SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD SEVEN KIDS FROM SIX WOMEN!!!

Needs to learn to text in English
I am sick of Adrian being placed on a high horse as an upstanding player, community service, blah blah. He's an ego driven, immoral piece of shit too. Like a winning race horse out to stud he fucks anything that moves. One of his children that died last year, at another man's hands, he never met and didn't know the kid was his (reportedly). Upstanding player?

Here's the picture of his 4 year old son after AP used a switch on him. This picture was reportedly taken a week after the whipping and the thing is still bleeding. Think about how it looked after the fact. This was delivered by the most physically fit, powerful humans on the planet. Adrian is a monster, freak of nature when it comes to physical ability. He uses that power over and over again with a flexible stick in his hand on a 4 year old that has no comprehension on what he did or why this guy that says he's his dad is beating him.

My conclusion. The NFL and DERP Goodell are hesitant to act on this because of the NFL brand and one thing only - money. Until the money stops coming in, advertisers stop paying and the owners lose money nothing will be done of any substance. That's the truth.

People are stupid and will continue to pack in the stadiums, their outrage won't out-weigh the prices they already paid to go watch the game.

This has been another Nobody movement.
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August 19, 2014

People Screwing Up The Ice Bucket Challenge

The latest craze going around the Interwebs is this ALS ice bucket challenge. The deal is you dump a bucket of ice water over your head then challenge friends to post them dumping ice water on their heads or they donate $100 to the ALS Association. So far this has raised millions to the ALS Association and the mega-high paid executive administrators of the charity are jumping for joy, unlike the people their charity is supposed to help. A charity getting millions more in donations is a good thing as long as a majority of the money goes to help the victims of this terrible disease and not to 'administrative' costs like most big charities. How they are doing it is working but it's sad that it had to come to this. It would also be a good guess that most of the people that are doing this challenge have no clue what ALS is or who Lou Gehrig was. (For those in that scenario ALS a.k.a. Lou Gehrig Disease).... (for those even more in that scenario a.k.a. = Also Known As)

It's sad that a gimmick like this is needed to get money rather than rely on the purpose and education around the issue at hand. Instead someone made up an Internet stunt that can be spread across the social networks and even though they are raising millions there are far more vidoes out there for the sake of doing the stunt that are doing nothing in return to the association. In a week it will fade away back to the status quo and many other attempts for the next viral stunt for another charity will begin.

I will wrap this post up with showing my favorite aspect of the Internet, stupid people. The Ice Bucket Challenge is simple enough. Fill up a bucket with ice water, lift the bucket over your head and pour the water out on your body. Even three simple steps of something a 2 year old in a kiddie pool can do brings seemingly normal people to a halt from the intellectual power needed to accomplish these steps.

Here's a video compilation of people fucking up the Ice Bucket Challenge.

This has been another Nobody movement.
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